ecoline: lead-free machining solutions for a sustainable future

Specialized. Reliable. Ecological.

Wieland ecoline is our answer to enable your future business: the lead-free product line fulfills your individual needs for an efficient production and future oriented product development. And is, of course, compliant with the latest requirements of legislative directives on lead-free materials.

For many years we have been researching how we can provide machinability and formability as well as electrical and thermal conductivity, relaxation and corrosion resistance in alloys with less and less lead. Today, we have proven answers to this and provide the market with a number of different alloys: optimized specifically to the requirements of different applications, like automotive, drinking water applications, electrical components and high-value accessories. We understand each application has a special need - and we care, for making your business run while being responsible and responsive. Also, we are your partner to understand and interpret legislative requirements concerning lead-free materials.

3 compelling reasons for ecoline

  • specialized. Find your solution partner who considers the best processes and understands your needs.
  • reliable. Count on flexible supply and best services - with a stable quality level of high-grade alloys.
  • ecological. Do not only be compliant with standards but responsively shape the future.

ecoline. applications.

4 applications of ecoline cover a broad portfolio and highest requirements on machinability and formability – compliant with the most important regulations and legislative directives.

ecoline water

High requirements on processability, corrosion resistance and hygiene. For all tubes, joints and components in contact with drinking water.

ecoline connect

Outstanding properties - machinable, cold formable and conductive. For all current and signal-carrying components.

ecoline drive

A wide range of solutions for every requirement and various components: drive train components, hot pressed parts and turned parts.

ecoline accessories

The lowest possible lead content is particularly important for goods in daily use.

How we understand our business

Quality & Service
Quality & Service

With a proven record for high quality standards we deliver exactly to your requirements - on time and optimized to your needs.


Aiming for truly lead-free solutions, regulations are becoming increasingly strict - rely on our expertise to stay compliant - while profitable.

Regulations for lead-free materials

We take it back! Driven by responsibility, sustainability and efficiency, we have developed a sophisticated system of recycling the material left over from your production.


We would be pleased to partner with you for your project - from development through to optimized processes. Get in touch with us!

Pascal Geiselmann

Pascal Geiselmann
Application Engineering | Extruded Products